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P.A.R.K.Consulting Japan
Cross Culture Management Related Partners:
CMC-Asia (Thailand)
Mijnd HuijserCMC-Asia knows how to turn culture into a key element for success in multinational companies and M&A processes. It is our job to make culture work for you.
CMC-Asia is headed by Mijnd Huijser, founder of both CMC-Europe and CMC-Asia. Mijnd has worked as a cross-cultural consultant in Europe, Asia and the Americas since 1992.
131/13 Thanon Thetsaban Sai 4, Tha Mai
Chanthaburi 22120

CMC-Europe (The Netherlands)
Danaë HuijserCMC-Europe facilitates the process of building on the advantages of diversity. By creating awareness, appreciating differences and building on strengths, we guide individuals, teams and organisations towards enhanced learning and innovative capabilities.
Danaë Huijser, director and lead consultant of CMC-Europe, holds academic degrees in Organisational Psychology and International Business, allowing her to work with her passion; developing people and organisations in an international environment.
Duvenvoordestraat 32
2013 AE Haarlem
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)6 525 11 044
Please e-mail

Inspire Mankind Ltd. (UK)
Inspire Mankind Ltd.Offers facilitated workshops in English, French, Italian and Dutch. A member of MOFA.

International Network MOFA
International Network MOFAIt is an organization of accredited consultants, trainers and coaches of MoF.
As P.A.R.K. is a member of the association, its network reaches a wide area of the globe covering various European and Asian countries.

Model of Freedom association

International Business Consulting Partner:
Elmar Kunigk and Klaus Weyers , Business Lab:
Business LabBusiness Lab is an international management consultancy firm based in Germany, specializing in best practice marketing and sales performance.
They have a wide range of backgrounds and experience in business working for various international as well as Japanese companies.
Business Lab

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