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P.A.R.K.Consulting Japan

Consulting Services Offered
Cross Culture Consulting PARK-CMC Consulting Service
  • Corporate/Organization Culture Analysis
  • Cross Culture Management
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Multi Culture Team Management
International Business Consulting Business Support/Management Service
  • Market Entry Strategy/Support
  • Marketing/Sales Support Services
  • Recruiting

Cross Culture Consulting P.A.R.K. - CMC Service

Through research and various studies, it is known that every leading corporation has it's own unique culture. Also, the increasing number of M&As demand the harmonization of different organizational cultures. Culture becomes the key issue for survival.

In order to articulate and cope with this issue, we provide PARK - CMC services applying practical web tools developed by CMC.
For example, when :

  • In case of mergers and acquisitions, it is vital to understand the differences between your own and the other organizational cultures.
    By applying one of the web tools, CCS, a comparison of two cultures can be made so that key issues can be understood, before any real merger/acquisition action takes place.

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USP-1. The Tool to Analyze Organizational Culture, CCS
Underlying organizational issues become clear through scanning and analyzing organizational culture by applying the web tool CCS. This is an effective tool that defines cultural identity, and thus can be used when an organization faces a mergers or acquisition.

USP-2. Cultural Profiling for Individuals, ACI and PCP
An individual's culture profile can be obtained with other web tools, ACI and PCP.

USP-3 Cross Border Services Available through the MOFA Network
The Model of Freedom Association, MOFA, is an international association consisting of accredited trainers and consultants of the MoF. Its network covers major European and Asian countries. Through the network, cross border services are available.

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In cooperation with our partner in Germany- Business Lab, P.A.R.K. offers business consulting in international business that combines Europe and Japan.
1. Business Support Services
  • Marketing/Sales Supports
  • M&A Support
  • Local Staff Recruiting Support
  • Support for Expats
2. Strategic Consulting
  • Local Partner Search/Recommendation
  • Market Entry Strategy

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