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As business globalization widens, an increasing number of cases of collaboration or cooperation between those from different cultures has become the norm. Moreover, as more M&As and business integration occur, situations are now common where two different corporate/organizational cultures are required to find some unity or harmony. In view of this, cultural issues are attracting more attention.
Culture, which cannot quantified like assets or capital, has become recognized as an important factor that controls both individual and corporate actions and thoughts, and thus has great influence on the success of international business, M&As and business intergration, as well as corporate competitiveness.

How should corporations and business people today tackle this issue? It is crucial for a business to effectively respond to this issue.

P.A.R.K. Consulting offers effective and practical services to help tackle this issue.

Services Provided by Our Experienced Team Using Various Web Tools

Services Offered by
P.A.R.K. Consulting consulting services web tools training program

Various services to improve and enhance your performance and proficiency in cross cultural management issues and international business
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Cultural Profiling by Web Tools - For Individuals and Organizations/Corporations

Three web tools are available to enhance the performance of individuals and organizations by depicting their cultural profiles.

  1. The Corporate Culture Scan - CCP
    Organizational culture determines the preferred styles when communicating, meeting, decision making, leading and cooperating. Department, unit and team cultures are strongly influenced by the organizational culture, but may have quite distinct features, depending on their function in the organization. The Corporate Culture Scan maps both the overall picture and the sub-cultures.
    The Corporate Culture Scan (CCS) assesses the perceived current culture in the organization. It measures the culture that is actually expressed in behavior, which might deviate from the culture as laid down in the official documents of the organization.

  2. The Applied Cultural Intelligence - ACI
    The Applied Cultural Intelligence - ACI assesses the awareness of the influence of culture in an international business environment. This tool probes the individual's or team's perceptions on the impact of culture on key issues like leadership, teamwork, and communication.
    The ACI is an online questionnaire with 20 items, targeting the cultural intelligence of participants on four levels: basic cultural awareness, and awareness of national, organizational, and professional cultural differences.

  3. The Personal Cultural Profiler - PCP
    The Personal Cultural Profiler -PCP assesses personally preferred behaviour in a management environment. The PCP is an online questionnaire with 40 items, targeting four dimensions:
    individuality, community, authority and systems. The result indicates the strengths and weaknesses of an individual in a specific cultural setting (organizational or national).
    Personal profiles can be visualised in the Model of Freedom - MoF, the analytical model for cross cultural issue (reference in later part), and can be compared with team, departmental, organisational or national cultures. These comparisons pinpoint the opportunities to reconcile cultural differences, which enhances team performances.

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Comprehensive Support Services for Clients with German Businesses

In cooperation with our partners in Germany, Elmar Kunigk and Klaus Weyers of Business Lab, a consulting firm in Germany, P.A.R.K. offers comprehensive business support services to those companies which are engaged in business, or those who plan to start business, in Germany.

The services provided are:

  • Market Entrance Strategy
  • Market Information/Research
  • Searching and Recommending a Local Partner
  • Local Staff Recruiting and Training
  • Outsourcing Assistance
  • Establishing a Subsidiary or Opening a Local Office
  • Marketing/Sales Activity Support
  • Expats Support (Housing etc.)
  • Other Services utilizing Local Network

training training

Multi Culture Team Training with the OMOIYARI Concept

The OMOIYARI concept

The OMOIYARI is a Japanese concept. But it is almost impossible to translate it into English with one word or phrase. Omoi in omoiyari means consideration for others, while yari is the noun form of the verb yaru, which means sending something to others (Kazuya Hara, 2006 Intercultural Communications Studies). In English, concepts that describe omoiyari include a way of thinking about, and a way of acting towards oneself and others.

A way of thinking
Omoiyari can be regarded as a form of social intelligence. It is a conscious choice to examine other's perspectives without judgment. Differences are accepted and appreciated without labeling them as 'right' or 'wrong'. This implies that one also has to be aware of one's own perspective as only one possible way, and not as 'true' or 'false'.

A way of acting
Acting with omoiyari is neither me-focused (self-centered), nor you-focused (altruistic); acting with omoiyari is based on a we-focus (interdependence).
When acting with omoiyari, we learn and grow by tapping into someone else's perspective, being appreciative towards others and their ideas. With awareness of our own strengths and limitations, and appreciation for those of others, we can achieve positive change by adopting other's perspectives without adapting.

photo In cooperation with CMC-Europe, a business training partner,P.A.R.K. offers multi cultural team building training based on OMOIYARI.

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Cross Border Services available through the International Network, MOFA

photoThe Model of Freedom Association, MOFA, is an international organization consisting of accredited trainers and consultants of the cross culture analytical tool - MoF
(For more information on MoF, please refer elsewhere in this section)

Its members cover a wide area of the globe, in major European countries and Asia. Regular conferences are held twice a year, keeping strong ties among its members, and thus enabling clients' cross border needs to be met.

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